Evaporative Cooling System


Evaporative Cooling System


Product Features:
1.Scientific strcture, high efficient, frost steadily, save power and low running cost;
2.Equip with axial fan quiet models that offer string air flow in long shot range: save power, long life;
3.Copper pipe thichkness can reach to 0.6mm, which lead to perfect lightness bethtness between pipe and fin after expansion processing;
4.Equip with stainless electric heater in high insulating property, defrost efficiently in shot time;
5.The heat exhaning coil was did gas tightness test under 2.6Mpa air pressure, to guarantee quality;
6. Aluminum and paited slain board, to meet your different needs.


High temperture type: cold room temperalure 12℃~-2℃
Medium temperture type: cold room temperalure -2℃~-10℃
Low temperture type: cold room temperalure -10℃~-31℃


High temperture type

ref.capacity 2.2-82.0 KW

Medium temperture type

ref.capacity 1.5-56.0 KW

Low temperture type


ref.capacity 1.2-35.7 KW



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