Circulating water cooling system for streamer cooling roll

Circulating water cooling system for the cooling roller of the streamer (Cooling roller of the streamer)

Circulating water cooling system for streamer cooling roll

Casting film production line of characteristics

1) The casting film production line can be divided into: 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm and 5000mm according to the film width. It can be divided into three layers, five layers and seven layers according to the configuration of the extruder.

2) The casting film production line is mainly composed of five parts: extrusion part, casting part, corona part, winding part and electric control part. The mold part and the extrusion part can be combined freely according to customers' requirements, so * can meet the different needs of the vast majority of customers (the market) to the greatest extent.

3) In addition, the equipment also follows the international advanced level in design, such as:

A. The unique design of the back device can freely adjust the pressure of the extruder.

B. The unique design of the screw runner can be applied to different materials to achieve a multi-purpose machine.

C. The flow passage design of the roller provides better cooling effect, more stable product quality and higher output.

D. The linear speed of the film production line has reached the level of 160m/min--250m/min.

4) Compared with imported equipment, the casting film production line also has the characteristics of high speed, stable performance, environmental protection and energy saving. The thickness of the product is 0.017mm-0.08mm(0.025mm is the international standard).

The cooling roller is characterized by: inlet chamber and outlet chamber are provided in the spindle, the spindle has a protruding part, a roller sleeve contains a part of the spindle, a water channel and cooling water jacket are provided in the roller sleeve, and a water hole is provided in the protruding part of the spindle. When in use, the cooling water enters from the inlet chamber at one end of the spindle, and then enters the channel in a radial way through the inlet hole at the protruding part of the spindle and then exits from the outlet chamber at the other end of the spindle, which has a good heat transfer and cooling effect.

The cooling roller is the roller that flows into the cooling water. When calendering film or adhesive tape coating, in order to reduce the deformation caused by shrinkage of hot material, the material will be cooled by cooling roller to reduce the deformation of the material before rolling.

Cooling roller A roll located behind a web dryer for reducing the temperature of web to the curing temperature of thermo - solid ink.

In industrial production, cooling water is used to control temperature in many processes, such as the roller of three-roller grinding machine, the roller of printing machine, reaction kettle jacket, crushing jacket, kneading machine sandwich and so on. Then a circulating cooling system is needed to produce cooling water. The circulating water cooling system produced by Zhonggao Cooling source is a circulating cooling machine, which reduces the circulating water to low-temperature water below *** temperature through compression refrigeration. Also known as chiller, water cooler, etc.

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