Air cooling system

GKM series air cooling tower

Developed since 2012, the GKM series has extensive cooling capabilities and is customizable in most cases. The case is made of mg-al-zn alloy coated steel or stainless steel. The coil is made of a copper or stainless steel tube surrounded by aluminum or copper fins. Fluid inlet and outlet are arranged on the same side, which is convenient for pipeline installation and economical. Dimensions can be customized to standard 20' or 40' containers to minimize shipping costs. GKM dry cooling tower is more suitable for cooling inlet fluid with higher temperature. It is widely used for cooling circulating fluid (water, oil and gas) of air compressor, heater, furnace and other machinery in gas stations, oil refineries and other industries, especially in areas where water resources are scarce.

Air cooling system

Note: all data are in 28℃ wet temperature condition.

If the conditions change in any way, the data will change.


Model no.

GKM-650(closed circuit)

Water flow rate

135m³/h, adjustable as different temperature

Cooling capacity

From 65~55℃to45~35℃

Water pressure


Pipe diameter

Input diameter(mm)


Output diameter(mm)


Rated Power

Fan (KW)




Material of shell/tower body

Superdyma(imported from Japan)

Material of tupe

SUS304;Red copper with hydrophilic film aluminum fin

Installation Method

Modular Design,Easy Install

The shell of closed water cooling tower is made of magnesium-aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel. This special alloy coated steel has much better corrosion resistance than galvanized steel.

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