Air compressor cooling system

Air cooling and water cooling solve waste heat in industrial production. Air cooling is affected by low specific heat of air and high temperature in summer. Thus water cooling is more stable. A water cooling unit is used in the water cooling system. There is a refrigerant in the water cooler to absorb the heat of water, and the refrigerant is distributed to nature. Thus achieving circulating water cooling heat dissipation.

Air compressor cooling system

Air compressor cooling system is divided into two ways of air cooling and water cooling, the machine in the process of compressed gas, due to the conversion of energy, often produce a lot of heat, and must be timely cooling and discharge, otherwise easy to cause high temperature, lead to failure, and can not meet the gas quality requirements.

Water cooling means that there is a set of condensate water pipeline beside the gas transport pipeline, in the reverse direction of flow, the heat transfer in the past, so as to have the effect of cooling. This is a common cooling system in air compressors.

Air cooling is less effective than air cooling. It reduces heat by bringing cold air into the pipes that carry the gas, but it can also be used as an aid

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