450KW Cooling System Industrial Water Chiller For Biodiesel Processing


450KW Cooling System Industrial Water Chiller For Biodiesel Processing


 -Bitzer/Germany or Hanbell/Taiwan screw compressor available,4 grade capacity control, 25%-50%-75%-100%.
-Refrigerant optional R22,R407c,R134a,R410a
-Outlet chilled temperature is 5-35 degree
-Multi protection device designed to ensure the stable safety of the operator and prolong the life.
-Four stage energy control screw compressor, Y-delta start mode to decrease the impulse on power network, and different stages to save power.
-Water temperature range 5ºC to 35ºC. 
-Shell and tube evaporator, high efficiency and cleanable(plat type available on request).
-Copper tube Aluminum fins type condenser with adequate heat exchanging surface.
-Refrigeration solenoid valve, to protect compressor when stop.
-Refrigerant sight glass, to further monitor the refrigerant status in the system, so to check the unit running status.
-Siemens PLC control, overall monitoring of unit running status.
-Axial fan motor, with independent motor support bracket.
-Multi-protection devices to make sure the chiller and the equipment running safety.
-Schneider electrical components.
-Danfoss/Emerson thermal components.


Cooling capacity 

450 kw / 130 ton / 38700kcal/h

Industrial application

Sulfuric acid, biodiesel, pharmaceuticals, cement, water glass, chemical materials

Power supply

Based on different country need 


Twin screw compressor system ( much energy save)


15Kw included 





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