Plasma Cleaning Machine

Plasma Cleaning Machine  description:

The equipment adopts atmospheric pressure plasma treatment technology. This is an innovative technology for surface cleaning, activation and coating.

Reliable: the equipment carries out self inspection, monitoring, supervision control and alarm protection for the state and parameters in the whole process.

Flexible: a variety of control modes, including: panel control, remote control, manual control or automatic online control mode. It can be widely used in different industrial fields. We can switch nozzles to meet different process requirements.


Plasma Cleaning Machine  application:

Plasma surface treatment is a process of improving the surface energy of many materials to improve bonding properties. In many cases, the process is a standard treatment method for materials such as plastic polymers, paper, film, glass and metal.

Plasma technology includes many different purposes for surface treatment, such as cleaning, coating, printing, painting and bonding. Plasma technology has included many different applications, so that it has become one of the top methods of surface treatment. Due to the wide application of plasma treatment, many industrial solutions have been produced. The technology is even widely used in the automotive and aircraft industries. Plasma treatment can basically produce high-quality products in every applicable field, but it is still an environmental protection process.

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