Large Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

R series ultrasonic cleaner is an integrated ultrasonic cleaner for industrial application. The core component ultrasonic generator adopts the advanced t technology platform, with high cleaning efficiency, simple operation and no need for field debugging. It can be widely used in metal products, auto parts, electronic cleaning, etc.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used in industry. Size and power can be customized according to your requirements.

large ultrasonic cleaner advantages:

1. Efficient cleaning

Peak modulation technology can decompose bubbles faster and remove stubborn stains easily. Under the same conditions, the breakdown speed of foil is significantly increased.

2. Stable output

Adaptive technology ensures that the machine is perfectly adapted to changes in load, such as different fluid levels, fluid temperature changes and workpiece movement. The ultrasonic performance will remain stable.

3. High conversion efficiency

The conversion efficiency of ultrasonic and electric energy is more than 95%. Under the same ultrasonic power output, energy saving is more than other methods.

4. Simple operation

Inject liquid into the workpiece and turn on the switch. Ultrasonic cleaning only takes 3 steps to start. All parameters will automatically match.


large ultrasonic cleaner function:

1. Frequency tracking - track the best frequency during cleaning. According to the different liquid environment in the tank, the frequency is automatically adjusted to the best point.

2. Load adaptation - the system automatically adjusts the output of the generator according to different working conditions to maintain the constant power of the transducer

3. Cleaning - using the cleaning function means that it can make the bath liquid sound more even, thus improving the cleaning performance in the whole bath liquid

4. Power linear adjustable - linear adjustable 10-100%

5. Timer - 0-15 minutes. Adjustable or normally open

6. Heater - 0-80 ° C adjustable

7. Industrial LCD display - support parameter setting and status monitoring

8. External control - PLC and HMI can be connected

9. Communication-rs485 Modbus RTU

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