Blister Tray Dust Cleaning Machine

Product introduction:

Plastic tray deduster is a set of efficient and clean dedusting and electrostatic dedusting system. Its main dedusting products are mainly used for mobile phone backlight module tray, food packaging box, cosmetics packaging box and plastic tray manufacturers in the plastic industry. PVC and pet plastics, the raw materials of plastic products, have their own static electricity. In addition, in the process of plastic absorption and rotation of plastic absorption equipment, the original friction of materials and stamping of finished products produce higher static electricity, and the dust, dandruff, sawdust, particles in the air are strongly adsorbed.

When some products (such as food packaging, cosmetics packaging, backlight module, mobile phone, navigator, etc.) reach a certain degree of electrostatic and dust cleanliness, the above problems will occur in the production process. Our company has designed many efficient dust removal and electrostatic dust removal.



Feeding port conveyor belt: anti static belt imported from Japan

Static elimination: high efficiency static elimination rod (4 groups)

Dust blowing module: the rotating part of the brush with high-pressure turbine centrifugal wind pole.

Suction module: pressure of high pressure suction centrifugal fan: 800pa flow: 1300 m3 / h (Group 3)

Drive motor: Japanese DDK motor 6, speed: 40 m / min (average output: 6000 / h) (manual output: 1000 / h)

Operation panel: Mitsubishi PLC system control, human-machine interface operation

Structure: all aluminum alloy anti-static powder spraying is adopted to effectively prevent electrostatic dust.

Equipment power: 2.2kw

Equipment size: 2400mm x 900mm x 1200mm

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