Well type carburizing furnace

Well gas carburizing furnace is suitable for all kinds of mechanical parts which need carburizing, carbonitriding and carbon potential atmosphere protection heating process.

Main technical parameters of well carburizing furnace:

Temperature uniformity ≤± 5 ℃

Temperature control accuracy ≤± 1 ℃

Carbon potential control accuracy ≤± 0.05% C

Control accuracy of permeability layer depth ≤± 0.1mm

The non-standard equipment is designed and manufactured according to the needs of users.

Brief introduction of well carburizing furnace equipment structure:

The new well type gas carburizing furnace designed and manufactured by absorbing foreign advanced technology is composed of furnace body (composite furnace lining), electric heating element, muffle tank, hanging guide cylinder, hot air circulation fan (water-cooled sealing motor), furnace base, furnace cover, furnace cover lifting mechanism, carbon potential / temperature (micro machine) control system, atmosphere system, etc. Large well type gas carburizing furnace adopts suspended bottomless muffle (sand seal / oil seal) structure.


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