New type well gas carburizing furnace

The fan located at the lower end of the new well type gas carburizing furnace cover drives the furnace gas to flow around by centrifugal force of the fan, which brings the penetrant (enriched gas) dripped from the drip pipe into the air flow, the air flow is blocked on the furnace wall, flows down the channel of the inner wall (or guide cylinder) of the furnace to the bottom of the furnace, and then under the effect of negative pressure in the center of the fan, the air flow flows upward through the cavity at the bottom of the material basket The basket provides fresh penetrant to the workpiece and breaks down the inactive gas layer stuck on the surface of the workpiece. Then it is sucked into the negative pressure area of the fan core and recycled. A wind shield is hung at the lower part of the fan to prevent the air flow from directly returning to the fan from above the basket.

Vacuum sealing technology is adopted between the furnace tank and the furnace cover. A water-cooled rubber seal ring is arranged between the furnace tank and the furnace cover to make the air pressure in the furnace reach 1000mm water column, which can greatly improve the penetration rate.

It is difficult to seal the shaft dynamically in carburizing furnace. We use special sealing motor for furnace and press it directly on the furnace cover to achieve complete sealing. Heat resistant steel CrMnN can be used for material basket, air duct, furnace tank, tank base, material basket chassis, etc. However, due to the thickness of casting wall, the furnace thermal hysteresis is large, which is not conducive to periodic operation and accurate temperature control;

If the furnace tank is made of cr25ni20 steel plate, the above defects can be overcome. The furnace cover is equipped with air inlet pipe or fluid drop pipe, exhaust pipe, thermocouple inlet pipe for measuring furnace temperature uniformity. When it is necessary to realize carburizing computer control, oxygen probe insertion tube is added. Our products are divided into conventional carburizing and vacuum pulse carburizing. Vacuum pulse carburizing is used for chemical treatment of workpieces with blind holes and complex shapes. The two kinds of furnaces can be operated by drip gas or rich gas; the control modes are conventional control and microcomputer control.


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