Muffle net belt carburizing furnace

Structure description of muffle mesh belt carburizing furnace:

1. Charging table:

It is located in front of the mesh belt type resistance heating furnace to place the workpiece (or the material tray). The mesh belt is driven by eccentric turbine stably, and the mesh belt is made of 314s heat-resistant stainless steel wire imported from Japan.

2. Furnace structure:

The furnace frame is composed of box body and bracket, which are made of common section steel and steel plate by tight welding. The furnace is designed to be divided into upper and lower parts, and the upper furnace cover can be removed for the operator to repair or clean the furnace.

3. furnace door:

The front end of the heating furnace is provided with a furnace door to reduce heat and atmosphere loss. The furnace door is movable and can be adjusted according to the height of the workpiece during the working process.

4. hearth:

The furnace adopts all fiber composite structure, with excellent heat preservation performance. Heat preservation brick and silicon carbide material with strong bearing capacity are used at the main bearing part at the bottom of the furnace, and aluminum silicate fiber felt is used at the top of the furnace, which can be disassembled with the furnace cover as a whole.

5. Muffle tube:

Muffle tube is the barrier between the work piece and the protective atmosphere in the furnace, the furnace and the heating elements. The muffle tube is made of 0cr25ni20si2 heat-resistant stainless steel plate, and is reinforced by auxiliary strips to ensure the service life of muffle tube.

6. Heating element:

The heating element is wound by high-quality resistance wire, horizontally inserted into the furnace from one side of the furnace body, and arranged at the upper and lower parts of the muffle tube. The heating element has the advantages of reliable use and convenient maintenance, and can be replaced without stopping the furnace in hot state when necessary.

7. Furnace bottom plate:

The bottom plate of the furnace is installed in the muffle tube to support and support the mesh belt under the action of the driving mechanism.


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