Mesh Belt Carburization Furnace

1)  Introduction :
The continuous conveyor mesh belt furnace is heat treatment production line, is primarily used for heat treating small bulk parts, using the following heat treatment processes:
1.Hardening and tempering
4.Isothermal annealing
5.Normalizing and recrystallizing
2)Application :
This products is mainly used for bicycle, sewing machine parts, tractors, automobiles, electrical appliances, instruments and other products of various  parts, standard parts of bulk gas carburizing, gas carbon nitrogen Common infiltration and quenching purposes.
3) Model  parameter:
Open-type wire belt conveyed heating oven of natural gas  :Hot air circulation oven of natural gas
Overall dimension (length*width*height): 6500*1500*1200mm
Speed:Pending.It could be adjusted by changing the heating rate of work and frequency transmission speed simultaneously to meet your requirements.
Max temperature:200 ℃ (Temperature ranges from 5-200 ℃)
Heating method:Natural gas
Average air consumption :48m3/h for 5 ovens
Oven side wall temperature rise: ≤environment temperature+15℃ when the oven temperature is 150℃
Driving rate of belt:2.2KW each* 5=11KW
Control system: 15''touch screen of Taiwan Weinview,PLC of Mitsubishi/Siemens,intelligent temperature control device
Lifting air cylinder:SC80*500-CA

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