Horizontal Type Carburizing Furnace

The vacuum carburizing furnace is suitable for the vacuum carburizing and quenching of automobile gear, high value added gear, high speed steel, tool steel and alloy structural steel, vacuum quenching and vacuum annealing.

Horizontal Type Vacuum Carburizing Furnace

Horizontal Type Carburizing Furnace Advantage

Safety and environmental protection, no fire and explosion hazard

Good production flexibility, can be closed and opened at any time

The permeable layer has no internal oxidation and high permeability

It is especially suitable for carburizing the blind hole of the uniform layer of the fuel injector

The carburizing temperature for stainless steel carburizing is up to 1050 ° C, and the carburizing temperature for deep carburizing is up to 1 / 2-1 / 4

Good surface quality and small quenching deformation

No carrier gas, less carburizing atmosphere, short carburizing cycle and low production cost

Low maintenance cost

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