Gas carburizing furnace


1)Introduction :
Pit type furnace is cycle type furnace, apply to the pole, long axial parts heat treatment. The Wells of the furnace body is cylindrical, by special crane installed vertically within the charging heating workpiece. Pit type furnace is
usually placed below the ground plane in the shop, also have placed above the ground plane, or each half of the under ground plane.
2)Application :
The pit type gas carbonitriding resistance furnace periodic furnace, its rated power is 25-105 KW, the highest working temperature is 950℃, for carbon steel of gas carburizing, nitriding and carbonitriding. There are six specifications
for this series of electric furnace, if used with GLC series control cabinet, the working temperature of the furnace can be automatic control and recording.
3)Model  parameter:
1.Rated power:60KW±10%
2.Rated voltage:380V
3. Number of phase: 3P
5.Rated temperature:1050℃
6.Operating temperature:920-930℃
7.Heating zone:1 zone
8.Uniformity of furnace temperature:±5℃
9.Temperature control accuracy:±2℃
10. Loss power of empty furnace:≤18%
11.Temperature control type:PID control  
12.Effective working zone of furnace tank:650*700mm
13.Heating type :electrical heating
14. Type of furnace lining: fibre structure
15. Lifting type of furnace lid: electric lifting

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