Double chamber vacuum carburizing furnace


 1)Introduction :

Vacuum as "Protective Atmosphere"

• No toxic protective gases containing CO

• No health hazards in the work shop

• No danger of explosion or open flames

• No furnace conditioning

• Use of inert gases (nitrogen or helium)

• No CO2 emission


2)Application :

Vacuum furnace special application for Alloy structural steel, alloy tool steel, die steel, 

bearing steel, high speed steel, high temperature alloy, high temperature alloy, stainless steel, and magnetic material of bright oil quenching or air cooling.

3) Model  parameter: 

Working chamber size(mm):600*400*400(L×W×H)

Max temperature(℃): 1320

Related loading(kg): 100

Furnace temperature homogeneity (±℃)5: (Between 600℃-1200℃)

Heating power(KW): 55

Heating consumption:  60 degree per hour

Saving consumption: 40 degree per hour

Ultimate vacuum(Pa):  4.0×10 -¹

Pressure rise rate(Pa/h): ≤0.6

Parts transfer times(S):  15

Cooling chamber gas pressure(bar): 2

Volume(m2):  ≈20

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