Welding Copper Machine Soldering

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Welding Copper Machine Soldering


Description :


Through the design of the center bore on the shaft of the turn table in this series, the installation of the air hose or pneumatic material discharging device is optional. This has the merits of high rigid and fast heat dissipation.


Application :


Stainless-steel submersible motors, solar-power generators, electric water-heater storages, auto shock absorbers, inner cylinders for drinking-water dispensers, auto/motorcycle fuel tanks, wheels, exhausts, air-conditioning duct, thermo-bottles, filter screens, kitchen counters, stainless-steel trash bins, bleaching & dyeing vats, motor casings, and gas cylinders.


Horizontal Loading0°: 1500kg

Vertical Load 90°:750kg

Speed (rpm):0.03~0.3

Center Bore:Ø55mm

Angle Adjustment:Electrical Adjustment

Control Box:Origin Location














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