Valve double station brazing machine

Application: mainly suitable for brazing of valves in refrigeration industry

Valve double station brazing machine

Technical parameters:

1. IGBT transistor high frequency power supply 20kW, working frequency 25 ± 5KHz;

2. Input voltage 380V, frequency 50 (60) Hz;

3. The three-way adjustment range of heating coil is ± 20 mm for X and Y axis, ± 15 mm for Z axis and ± 0.2 mm for accuracy;

4. Heating mode: left and right station switch heating;

5. Cooling mode: water cooling, industrial chiller;

6. Operation mode: automatic program control / manual control;

7. Heating time of single workpiece is less than 10 seconds;

8. Overall dimension: 1750x1260x2100.

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