Vacuum Brazing machine for PCD diamond tools

Vacuum Brazing machine for PCD diamond tools.jpg

Vacuum Brazing machine for PCD diamond tools


Description :


1) Easy operation by full automatic,PLC control,SCR heating,Touch panel after simple setting

2) Higher brazing strength,2-3 times higher than the general frequency welding

3) No oxidation defect and clean surface

4) Save cost by brazing,the overall cost is close to high frequency welding through the reasonal design to improve space utilization.

5) User-friendly plug-tray design,feeding and blanking can be smooth,that could improve the efficiency of the device.


Application :


Vacuum brazing machine is the special brazing machine for ND,Synthetic Mono crystal diamond,CVD diamond,PCD/PCBN ceramics etc. it's the light radiant heating method which is different with traditional vacuum heating equipment or induction welding .That could increase the heating efficiency a lot,will improve the brazing quality,strenghten the brazing and keep braze stability. The whole process takes about 90-120 minutes .


Parameter :


Vacuum charmber size:φ120×L500×T4

Brazing Vacuum rate:10-5 Torr

Heating Source :12 pcs Halogen Tube

Heating method :light radiant heating

Max Temperature :950

Power supply :380V50Hz

Chilling: Water cooling

Brazing capability: CNGA1204 280pcs/time








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