Three position high frequency brazing machine

Application scope of the machine:

It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to braze small batch products, stainless steel water pot, electric chassis and other products. The diameter of the brazed surface is between φ 80 and φ 160;

Three position high frequency brazing machine

Features: small size, easy installation, simple operation, over-current, over pressure, under water, phase loss, load discomfort and other status display.

The equipment is equipped with a set of cooling water tank, free training and guidance of brazing process, free warranty for one year.

Model power working frequency working voltage working air pressure

Kgf / cm2 cooling water pressure

Kgf / cm2 brazing diameter aluminum plate thickness

LH-S1 25KW 2±5KHZ 380V 4~6 2~3 φ80~φ130 1.5~2

LH-S2 40KW 2±5KHZ 380V 4~6 2~3 φ80~φ160 1.5~2.5

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