Table Type Brazing Machine

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Table Type Brazing Machine




The kind of brazing machine is the rotating disk structure,driven by rotary table , brazing torch,wire feeding gun etc,configuration at the bottom of the division,which can accurate positioning accuracy.


Application :

Suitable for all kinds of non-standard copper aluminum brazing.Make brazing ring melted,and even to fill the gap of the copper and aluminum,can also be done by automatic wire feeding automatic brazing.Gas , oxygen,nitrogen,through the Daishin intelligent traffic controller FLOTRON DF 11K/MASS flow controller MFC realize the precise control of gas flow, to ensure the brazing temperature is stable,reliable in quality.


Parameter :


Voltage:110V/220V, AC220V (110V)

Current:Alternating Current

Rated Capacity:400W

Rated Duty Cycle:100



Ignition Method:Spark Ignition

Flame Dection:Flame Rod

Control Gas:Gas /Oxygen







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