Radiator aluminum brazing furnace

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Radiator aluminum brazing furnace


Description :


It is a new type of hot automatic press for automatic radiator. The machine is mainly driven by pneumatic, the movement mechanism adopts slide rail, the positioning mechanism adopts electric and special motor at the same time, its movement is accurate, the positioning is accurate, the electronic control is controlled by PLC, and the operation is simple and fast. It is safe and reliable. The core of radiator and water chamber needs only one person to complete it.


Application :


This machine is a special equipment for automobile radiator.


Parameter :


Workpiece size: maximum 800 x 900, minimum 350-100

Driving law: electric power drive

Production rhythm: 100-260 pieces per hour (depending on the size of the radiator core).

Work: one side completes one time

Shape size:60 x 2 x 1.9 meters

Machine weight:30 t

Power:500 kW (can be designed according to customer needs)






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