Motor winding induction brazing machine

Motor winding induction brazing machine

Description of motor winding induction brazing machine

DSP all-digital induction heating power supply xzg-40

Motor winding induction brazing machine project technical parameters

XZG type 1 to 40

2 input voltage 380V± 10%, 50Hz

3 input power 40KVA

Oscillation frequency 20--40kHz

Power regulation range: 5%-100% (digital regulation)

6 power factor > 0.95

Power control accuracy ± 0.5%

8 startup time 0.1 s 9 power stability <± 0.1%

10 operating mode constant current, constant power arbitrary choice

11 control core high performance DSP processor

Control device internal control and remote control arbitrary switch

Operation interface industrial touch screen + button

Communication interface RS485

15 operating environment temperature 0-1000℃

Operating environment humidity ≤ 90% RH

17 elevation ≤1000m18 cooling method combined with forced water cooling and air conditioning cooling

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