Induction brazing machine

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Induction brazing machine


Description and application :


Induction brazing machine

1.carbide saw blade welding:

diamond saw blade welding, marble saw blade welding,woodworking saw blade welding,

cut grass piece of welding, cut aluminum welding,


2.metal welding:

such as: towel rack, soap nets, towel holder, auto-accessories,

Motoaccessories, metal terminals, hardware pieces, electric heating tube parts and fasteners.


Parameter :

Rated Output Power :30KW

Working Frequency:10~30KHZ

Power Capacity:38KVA

Input Power:380V/50Hz 3 phases 4 lines(I neutral line)

Working Voltage:342V-430V

Input Current:48A

Cooling Water Flow: 27L/min (0.1 MPa)









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