Induction brazing heating welding machine

Induction brazing heating welding machine.jpg

Induction brazing heating welding machine


Description :


This welding station takes one robot two position of M shape. While robot weld on one station, worker can do fixtures and material preparation on the other station. This system is widely used in industrial welding field, can highly improve welding efficiency and quality also save labor cost, and be for 3 shift working.


Application :


Widely used in welding bicycle accessories, electric car accessories, guardrails, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, furniture accessories, auto parts, car seats, sports equipment, medical equipment, hardware and electrical machinery and other hardware manufacturing welding tasks.


Parameter :


Welding speed : Normal 5~50mm/s

Repeated Relocating accuracy :±0.1mm

Moving locating accuracy : ±0.15mm

Positioner locating accuracy : ±0.3 mm







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