Induction Braze Welding Machine

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Induction Braze Welding Machine


Description :


(1) Fast heating, uniform, which can effectively prevent zigzag caused by local overheating embrittlement and fracture, but also can prevent lack of penetration cause off tooth and other bad phenomenon;

(2) Suitable for welding high performance, high hardness serrated saw blade.

(3) Provide welding arts, installation simple and useful convenience.

(4) Compared to thyristor medium frequency furnace, save energy 10-30%.

(5)Can complete minimum and maximum head welding, all kinds of power, frequency for your selection.


Application :


Induction Welding


Parameter :


Power range: 8KVA1000KVA

Frequency range: 0.5KHz500KHz

Input power:  three phase 380V±10%  50Hz

Work pressure: 0.15MPa0.30MPa











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