Distributor induction brazing equipment

Application: induction brazing, applicable to high frequency brazing of air conditioning accessories such as distributor, branch pipe, sight glass, pipe joint, stop valve, four-way valve, etc

All aluminum alloy body, high strength;

Both stations are provided with nitrogen protection, and the nitrogen flow can be adjusted independently, and the nitrogen flow can be adjusted through the flow regulating switch (the role of nitrogen protection is to protect the atmosphere against oxidation);

It has the function of air-jet cooling. When the product is welded, the air-jet cooling of the product can be completed quickly;

Tooling positioning support x, y, Z three-axis adjustment;

With Chinese touch screen, all process parameters in the production process can be adjusted, with the function of storing and extracting the actual output process parameters;

Monitor the operation status of the equipment in real time. In case of improper operation or dangerous operation, the equipment will alarm in time and give advice on troubleshooting;

It can automatically display and store error information, and the alarm information can be queried, which is convenient for later fault analysis and equipment maintenance;

Abundant communication interfaces are reserved for the equipment, supporting RS485, PROFIBUS, can and other industrial buses;

Compared with the manual welding products, the consistency is high, the appearance is beautiful, and the production efficiency is improved by more than 30%;

The requirements for labor skills of operators are greatly reduced, and ordinary personnel can take up their posts after training for 2 hours;

Applicable workpiece:

Welding of air conditioning accessories, such as pipe joint, liquid separator, diverter, branch pipe, liquid storage bottle, liquid sight glass, etc.


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