Customized High Frequency Brazing Machine

High frequency induction brazing machine Introduction 

Our high frequency induction brazing machine takes IGBT Series and parallel induction heating technology as the core. This is a kind of brazing form that uses electromagnetic induction to heat the workpiece, so that the surface temperature of solder rises rapidly until it melts, and finally connects.

High frequency induction brazing machine application

(1) brazing of metal pipe, such as copper pipe, steel pipe and aluminum pipe.

(2) brazing of alloy cutter, such as lathe cutter, milling cutter, planer cutter, saw blade, reamer and boring cutter.

(3) braze mining tools, such as drills and pickaxes.

(4) brazing of carbide saw blade: cutter saw blade, saw blade, diamond saw blade, marble saw blade, woodworking saw blade.

(5) metal welding: automobile accessories, motor accessories, metal terminals, hardware, electric heating pipe parts and fasteners.


High frequency induction brazing machine characteristics

(1) high efficiency: the metal can be heated immediately to the required temperature, or even to the melting point.

(2) energy saving: the induction welding machine adopts the IGBT and LC series circuit design of Siemens company, with energy saving up to 15% - 30%.

(3) low cost: compared with other heating methods, the heating time is shorter and the metal loss is greatly reduced.

(4) easy to install: follow the user manual, even non professionals can easily install induction brazing machine.

(5) stable operation: perfect protection, so that customers have no worries.

(6) harmless to the environment: induction brazing machine uses electricity, almost no waste gas and water.

High frequency induction brazing machine technical parameters





Input current



monophase 220V, 50/60Hz or customized

Oscillation frequency


Duty cycle


Machine dimension


Packaging dimension


Net weight


Gross weight


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