Conveyor Type Brazing Machine

Conveyor Type Brazing Machine.jpg

Conveyor Type Brazing Machine


Description :


The kind of brazing machine for linear structure,driven by the frame,conveyors,combustion mechanism and other groups,such as new heating copper pipes of condenser and evaporator,copper elbows and brazing ring,make brazing ring melted , and even to fill the gap of brass and copper elbow,achieve automatic brazing of the condenser and evaporator.


Application :


Gas ,oxygen,nitrogen,through the Daishin intelligent traffic controller FLOTRON DF-11K/MASS flow controller MFC realize the precise control of gas flow, to ensure the brazing temperature is stable , reliable in quality.


Parameter :



Current:Alternating Current

Usage:Welding Machine


Ignition Method:Spark Ignition

Flame Dection:Flame Rod





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