Automatic Brazing Machine with High Frequency Heating

IGBT induction brazing machine features:

(1) the heating speed is fast and uniform, which can effectively prevent the zigzag embrittlement and fracture caused by local overheating, as well as the bad phenomena such as tooth fracture caused by the lack of penetration;

(2) suitable for welding saw blade with high performance and high hardness.

(3) provide welding process, convenient and practical installation.

(4) compared with the thyristor medium frequency furnace, the energy saving is 10-30%.

(5) the minimum and maximum welding head can be completed, and various power and frequency are available for you to choose.


IGBT Induction Brazing  machine General Impression:

1. Power range: 8KVA - 1000KVA

2. Frequency range: 0.5khz-500khz

3. Input power: three-phase 380V ± 10% 50Hz

4. Working pressure: 0.15Mpa - 0.30mpa

Automatic  Brazing Machine With High Frequency Heating  (XG-25B) Technical Parameters:

     Model type


Input  power


Input  voltage

380V±10%  50HZ/60HZ

Max input current

Single phase  38A

Oscillating  frequency


Inverted  power


Water  pressure

0.15MPA≤water pressure≤0.3MPA


XG-25A(Has no timer, half-automatic)

XG-25B(Has timer, automatic model)

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