Aluminum Pot 60Kw Brazing Machine

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Aluminum Pot 60Kw Brazing Machine


Description :


Hydraulic control, Bottom of the pot is not deformed, makes the weld more perfect.

Automation: PLC control, to achieve automated production.

Intelligent: Intelligent induction of different workpieces. Automatically adjust the output power.

Constant power output function, not affected by the supply voltage, greatly optimizes the processing quality.

Power saving Type. Green harmless radiation.


Application :


Aluminum Pot brazing .


Parameter :


Components: Operation table ,Oscillator .Water distilling tank.

Power :60KW ,300KHZ, 380V

Overall dimension:W2400mm, L2800MM, H2000mm

Weight:Approx 7T

Aluminum thickness: 0.4-12mm, Diameter: 100-300mm,Product Height: 350mm






















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