Vacuum brazing furnace for diamond

It is widely used in sintering rare and refractory metal materials such as metal powder products, photoelectric components, hard alloy, magnetic alloy, ceramics, powder materials, etc.

Vacuum brazing furnace for diamond equipment technical features:

1. It has interlock functions such as temperature, pressure, water pressure and vacuum, and has highly safe protection and prevention functions;

2. Remote control operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote program update;

Vacuum brazing furnace for diamond optional configuration:

1. Furnace type selection: horizontal furnace/vertical furnace;

2. Heating method: resistance heating/induction heating;

3. Heating element selection: tungsten/isostatic graphite;

4. Heat insulation selection of heating chamber :(tungsten + molybdenum + stainless steel)/(composite carbon blanket + cushion);

5. Temperature selection: 2000℃/ 2400℃;

5 casings: full carbon steel/stainless steel liner/full stainless steel;

6. Vacuum pump: foreign brand/Chinese brand;

7. Operation panel: touch screen/ipc;

8. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN/EUROTHERM;

9. Vacuum selection: 3.0 * 10-1pa / 2.0 * 10-3pa;

Vacuum brazing furnace for diamond detailed picture:

Vacuum brazing furnace for diamond

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