Continuous Atmosphere Aluminum Brazing Furnace


Description :

The brazing furnace works under the nitrogen protective atmosphere and employs non-erosive brazing material.


Application :

The continuous brazing furnace is applied to brazing of aluminum intercooler, water tank, automobile air conditioning condenser, evaporator, aluminum oil cooler, etc.

Note: The heating furnace (brazing furnace section of the heat treatment line) is 8m, 10m ,12m or 16m long based on the productivity of the line required by the customer.


Parameter :

Working size (mm): 1200×200

Brazing oven effective length : 16m

Total length: 65.0m

Degreasing Oven : 150KW

Brazing Oven :760 KW

Brazing temperature:630°C;

Drying temperature: 250°C

Degreasing temperature:180°C


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