Carbon fiber graphitization brazing furnace

Purpose: qsh-ct series, vacuum carbon tube furnace using graphite as heating element. This is a high temperature, high vacuum resistance furnace. The highest operating temperature can reach 2300℃. It can be used for heating in vacuum or protective atmospheres, such as metals, refractory compounds and ceramic materials, as well as for purifying rare earth elements and oxides.

Carbon fiber graphitization brazing furnace features:

1. It has water cooling system, large filling capacity, high efficiency of complex parts, special requirements for parts, no need to supplement process products.

2. With interlock function of temperature, pressure, water pressure, vacuum, etc., it has high safety protection and prevention function.

3. Remote control operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote program update.

4. Alarm and protection functions of whether the furnace has water, overcurrent and overtemperature

5. The furnace is equipped with explosion-proof system.

6. Compact structure and reasonable design.

7. User-friendly interface, easy to operate.

Carbon fiber graphitization brazing furnace

Carbon fiber graphitization brazing furnace main technical specifications:

Produce type

QSH-CT Series



Temperature control

51 segments programmable and PID auto control

Temperature precision


heating elements:

Graphite heating element



Pressure holding precision

±0.1 MPa

Protective gas

N2 Ar2

loading method

Upper or bottom loading

Chamber size



or Chamber size is Customizable

Rated voltage

3 phase380V 50/60Hz

Vacuum system

Mechanical pump+diffusion pump, vacuum rhodes pump, vacuum butterfly valve and vacuum tube

Furnace Chamber

Graphite tube + graphite carbon felt + outer 304 stainless steel tube

Temperature control

Digital display temperature controller x thyristor voltage adjustment x step-down transformer (manual and automatic) + w-rhenium thermoelectricity

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