Batch chamber type Aluminum Brazing Furnace

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Batch Box type Aluminum Brazing Furnace 

Description :

The equipment is assembled by the furnace body, inner furnace lining, furnace door, nitrogen preheating and emissions, nitrogen cooling emissions, real-time furnace fan, temperature control system and other components.



This equipment is made improvement on the basis of the original box-type heat treatment furnace, which is used for brazing car air conditioning tube , oil cooler and aluminium air cooler . It is cycle brazing furnace.


Parameter :

Working zone size 1400 × 1400 × 750 (mm), the total size of the furnace is 1610 L× 1630 W× 900 mm H, the overall size of the furnace body is 2110 × 2350 × 2000 mm (length × width × height), heating is three sides heating which is at the bottom and both sizes of furnace.

Equipment heating power: 320 KW, total power: 321.5 KW





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