Laboratory Benchtop Small Box Type Electric Muffle Furnace

Box resistance furnace, also known as muffle furnace, is the basic heating equipment in the laboratory. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, aerospace systems, research institutes, universities and other experiments and laboratories. Muffle ovens are usually pre loaded box ovens or kilns for high temperature applications such as glass melting, enamel coating, ceramics, and brazing and brazing items. It is a necessary tool for sintering, melting, heat treatment, volatiles and so on.


Laboratory bench type small box muffle furnace features:

1. Integrated gate design

2. Internal and external double door structure

3. Protection system: automatic shutdown when opening the door

4. The temperature sensor is designed as two points

5. The high temperature area of furnace door is made of 304 stainless steel

6. Observation window with door

7. Window fast entry mode, very intuitive and fast

8. Different colors of function and application pages, easy to identify

9. Single point heating and curve heating, dual mode

10. Section power supply and power failure prevention recovery restart function

Technical parameters:

Chamber size and volume200*120*80mm(2L)300*200*120mm (7.2L)400*250*160mm (16L)500*300*200mm (30L)
Furnace materialCeramic fiber (aluminum silicate)/Al2SiO5
Max. temperature1000ºC
Working temperature≤900ºC
Temperature control accuracy±1ºC
ThermocoupleK / K
Heating rate40ºC/min
Control system5inch color touch screen, Chinese and English
Controller mode1-40 section single point heating and curve heating, dual mode
Power supply modeSectional power supply
Timed shutdown1-999mins
Heating power2.5KW4KW8KW12KW

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