Glove box Vacuum Sintering furnace automated


Description :

It is applied in metallurgy powder industry and various magnetic materials oxygen-free vacuum heat treatment and vacuum sintering process. Protective feeding process can decrease the material oxidize, and ensured performance of the production. Both sides of the loading chamber can connected to user's tote cart or the sintering chamber. The chamber is removable transversely or longitudinally. Two loading chambers connected to multiple sintering vacuum chambers, build sintering center, keeping the space saving and ensure the operating stability.




Several industries rely on sintered parts and components including:

Medical, particularly implant parts

Automotive - power transmissions, gears & sprockets, camshafts, diesel particulate filter and valve seats

Tools - screwdrivers, drills and cutting, grinding tools, atmosphere protection product.

Ceramic powder sintering, powder metallurgy. MIM


Parameter :

Effective working zone size : 900*900*1500mm (W*H*L)

Max temperature : 1450 celsius

Ultimate pressure(pa): 2x10-3pa

Pressure rising rate (pa/h): 0.5

Temperature Uniformity (C):±3






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