Box type tempering furnace for metal tempering/annealing




The box-type tempering furnace shell is made of GB steel plate and welded steel. The lining adopts ultra-light high-aluminum energy-saving insulation brick masonry, combined with aluminum silicate fiber cotton composite lining insulation. Long life of the heating element is made of high temperature high-alloy 0Cr25Al5, arranged on both sides of the furnace and the bottom. The door can be driven by electric or hydraulic. Small box-type tempering furnace can also fixed with a hand-cranked door. When open the door, the circuit breaker cuts off the power. A microcomputer temperature control system is used to control the tempering process in high- precision, and fully completed the heat treatment of the whole process from putting workpieces into furnace to pick it out.


Application : 


Mainly used for tempering heat treatment for alloy steel products, all kinds of metal parts, and heat treatment for aluminum alloy, copper material solid melting, annealing, aging and other light alloys.


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