Electric box roasting furnace

Electric box roasting furnace.jpg

Description :

1.Large -scale electric furnace adopts multiple district heating, in order to improve the temperature uniformity, the heating elements are installed at the furnace door, back wall and bogie, high-power electric furnace, equipped with multi automatic temperature control cabinet, respectively for district heating automatic temperature control.

2.The operation of the furnace door and bogie is full automatic control. Each electric box is equipped with several pieces of instrument and automatic observer which can provide the controlling of the furnace temperature, automatic recording, over temperature automatic power-off protection and so on.



1.Large loading capacity, strong heat treatment ability for large workpiece,high efficiency and low operation cost.

2.The furnace linings is made of the complete fiber structure, compared to the brick furnace chamber, effectively improve the performance of heat preservation.

3. For the small and medium size furnace, no need to installation basic foundation, integration of rail, can be used on a level ground.


Parameter :

Active furnace space : (1400*1300*700)mm

Rated working temperature : 1200

Installation dimensions : 4150*2300*2600mm

Installed power : 150-180 kw




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