Small Hydraulic Lamination Hot Press Machine

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Small Hydraulic Lamination Hot Press Machine


Description :

Small hydraulic lamination hot press consists of a hydraulic press with manually operated oil pump & two heated platens.

The temperatures of heated platens are controlled by two digital temperature controllers separately up to 250°C.

Water cooling jackets are installed with heating plate that allow heated plate get faster cooling.

One pressure gauge (250 KN) is also mounted to monitor the pressure applied on the platens.


Application :

It is mainly used to prepare polymer and ceramic tool .


Parameter :

Max. Working Pressure :25 metric Tone ( 250 KN)

Heated Platen Area:

Platen Area: 200mm x 200mm

Material: Casting Aluminium with 5 mm thick Headen Steel with Cr plated

Surface: Flating with CNC grinding

Max. Travel Distance :140mm Max.

Max. Working Temperature: 200°C continous 250°C for less 30 minutes

Heating Rate :3°C/min

Temperature Control:Two digital controller installed in one box with one point control and ayto-tune faction ,Temperature accuracy ±1°C.




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