Shortcycle Hot Press Machine for Veneer

Main features:

1. Simple operation, PLC program control

2. High production efficiency, low power of electric heating device and high temperature The operation speed of the upper and lower working layers is fast, the hot pressing time is short, and it is safe and reliable.

3. One time completion of molding, due to manual loading, the gap and folding are at least insufficient

4. Imported durable high temperature resistant tape is used.

5. The technical parameters of the board adjustment and the reasonable monitoring program design can meet the needs of various sticky pressing production.


Technical parameters:

Total pressure1600kN
No.& size of hot platen2-2500x1300x42mm
No.& diameter of main cylinder10-φ85mm
No.& diameter of raising cylinder2-φ85mm
Heating way electric heated with thermal oil
Opening way of hot platenautomatic
Installed power54.95kw
Closed speed50mm/s

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