Semi-automatic valve hot press machine for coffee bags

Semi-automatic valve hot press machine for coffee bags


Description :

1. Power saving:It is the most save electricity valve applicator in the industry (less than 0.1 KWH per hour).

2. Fine workmanship:Each parts are optimized and improved by our engineer many times,achieve production process excelsior.

3. Beautiful and practical: The main material is the new acrylic and stainless steel materials. Using the streamlined arc design, so that hot-pressing more flexible, more reliable quality, more beautiful visual.

4. Stability: the digital display intelligent temperature controller is high quality and adjustable, and time controller can ensure the stability of adhesion.

5. Free from worry: using the microcomputer to counting, it is more peace of mind on working.

6. Efficient: For the difficult problem of installed the valve in to the different bags, we have optimized the whole machine, it not only suitable for composite bags and Multi-layer co-extruded bags, but also suitable for the single layer of pure PE bags and the thin plastic bags(less than 50 Microns), welding more solid, more fast, more beautiful. The fastest hot welding time is 0.3 seconds.

7. Convenient: It has the positioning baffle, you can adjust the depth of the bag when install the valves. Desktop design, more convenience when move, occupied small space. The foot switch control, let the hands free to operation, high efficiency.


Application :

Various types of plastic bag, such as coffee bag, food bag, pet food bag and so on.


Parameter :

Electric pressure entered: 220 v alternating current (ac)

The power of whole machine power: 100 w

The main material of the rack: the brand new acrylic and stainless steel materials.

Working air pressure: 2-4 KGF/CM2

Size: 40x25x24 cm









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