Release film in the hot press pressing process need to pay attention to what?

A hot press is a device that heats two pre-coated tin-coated parts to a temperature sufficient for the solder to melt and flow. After solidification, a permanent electro-mechanical connection is formed between the parts and the solder. Should be different products, heating rate can be selected. Titanium alloy head to ensure average temperature, rapid temperature rise and long service life. The head is specially designed to be horizontally adjustable to ensure that the components are pressurized evenly. Temperature control, clear and precise. Equipped with digital pressure gauge, pressure range can be preset.

Release film in the hot press pressing process need to pay attention to what

Hot press in the production of pressing process using pulse heating principle, due to the special design of the welding head surface, welding surface resistance is very small, the current will pass through the least resistance section. By constantly changing the voltage, adjust the current level, through the welding head to make it quickly heating. Release film for hot press is very important, hot press release film in the production process, first to meet the high temperature characteristics, usually resistant to high temperature 200±5°C, in addition to no release of gas, there is no chip, no glue between layers, no vacuum system pollution, does not affect the surface quality of hot press circuit board. The release film produced by sesson desheng technology co., LTD., a supplier of adhesive release film, is cheaper and of better quality than the general release film on the market.

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