Hot Press Machine for laminating Veneer

Hot Press Machine Application:

The function of plywood hot press is to consolidate plywood by pressure and temperature, to make glue solidify and finally form plywood.

Hot Press Machine characteristics:

1.15s closing time without load, avoiding the plasticization of bottom layer

2. Double inlet and double outlet of heating pipe to ensure uniform temperature of heating pressing plate

3. The hydraulic circuit adopts integrated block, which has compact structure, accurate and reliable system action and three sections of numerical control pressure reduction.

4. Delta PLC control system, reasonable system design, easy to control

5. All main components are of high-quality brand name to ensure stability

6. All steel frames are made of Q235 thick steel, which is solid and durable.


Technical :


500 Ton

Feeding direction




Hot plate distance

80 mm

Hot plate size

2700*1370*52 mm

Qty. of cylinder


Diameter of cylinder

320 mm

Total power

22.5 kw

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