Hot Press Machine for Plywood Making

Hot Press Machine Application:

Hot press is suitable for furniture factory, wooden door factory, wood-based panel secondary operation veneer, hot press glued panel furniture, building partition wall, wooden door, fireproof door materials. In all kinds of wood-based panels, for example: plywood, core board, MDF, particleboard surface pressing all kinds of decorative materials, decorative fabrics, wood veneer, PVC, etc., can also be used for veneer drying, leveling, color decoration wood leveling, styling design, the effect is significant.


Hot Press Machine Structure:

The machine is composed of frame, fixed hot pressing plate, movable pressing plate, floating plate, hydraulic device, electric heating oil circulation device and electric cabinet. By means of oil circulation heating and oil cylinder pressing, the workpieces are placed on the fixed hot pressing plate, movable pressing plate and floating pressing plate, so that they are bonded to each other in the hot state. It is suitable for gluing plane decoration surface, wood and other materials.

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