Industrial Heat Treatment Annealing Furnace

Industrial Heat Treatment Annealing Furnace Specifications:

The furnace fire directly heats the steel in reverse flow, which is environmentally friendly and has high heat conversion efficiency, so as to ensure that the waste gas complies with the national regulations

Patent protection, combustion method: premixed combustion, precise control of air and gas mixing ratio, reduction of steel wire oxidation and control of decarburization

Nozzel with high-speed convection is placed on the side, and the temperature and pores are organized reasonably in the base to ensure the heating quality is uniform and stable

Use new high-efficiency heat insulation material, small heat loss

Main control instrument: international famous brand, stable system operation, safe and reliable

Humanized design and safety function design, realize convenient on-site operation and maintenance.

High DV

Low cost of routine maintenance

Suitable for heat treatment of steel wire rope

Energy: CNG, LNP, LPG


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