metal wire electricity copper annealing furnace

Lining: the side, back, front and top of the oven are all fiber lined,Bogie composite furnace lining: the furnace lining supporting the workcart is made of (QZ) - 1.0 light clay bricks at the bottom, thermal insulation bricks are used to build the thermal insulation layer, and the upper part is made of high thermal shock resistance and heavy brick, which has high strength, good cultural relic weight and impact resistance; the square bricks are made of light brick clay bricks, heavy composite lining, and the vertical and horizontal left arch extension of Yantai Shrink the joint to prevent the firebrick from rising outward.

Main features of annealing furnace suitable for steel wire, aluminum wire and copper wire:

1. High productivity: same speed as wire drawing machine

2. Horizontal stability

3. We can design and use it for you

4. Operation guidance, after-sales warranty


Main technical parameters

Main specifications

1. Furnace diameter: 1250mm

2. Loading height: 2500mm

3. Heating mode: electric heating

4. Power supply: 380V 50Hz

5. Maximum operating temperature: 800 ℃

6. Heating power: 120kw

7. Control part: automatic

8. Temperature control accuracy: ± 10 ℃

9. Loading capacity: about 2-3 tons

10. Temperature rise: about 6 hours

11. Cooling mode: natural cooling

12. 1pc annealing furnace + 1pc electronic control box + 2pc furnace tank

13. Power consumption: 120 kwh per hour

A set of 3.14 weight: about 3 tons


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