Electric Industrial Annealing Resistance Furnace for Heat Treatment

Product technical data:

Sintering property

1. Chamber size (mm): 600mm (W) x 800mm (L) x 600mm (H)

2. Short term maximum temperature: 1400 º C3

3. Long term maximum temperature: 1350 ° C

4. Temperature stability: ± 1 º C5

5. Heating rate: 1-25 ° C / min free setting

6. Furnace material: alumina polycrystalline ceramic fiber

7. Insulating material: polycrystalline mullite ceramic fiber


Heating and control performance:

1. Power supply voltage: 380V

2. Heating power: 50KW

3. Heating element: silicon carbide rod

4. Control mode:

Temperature controller, with thyristor control, PID parameter self-tuning function, manual / automatic switching without interference, over temperature alarm function. Programmable 30 segment, can meet constant and continuous temperature control. Requirement. Three level temperature control system design, three temperature controllers, three temperature thermocouples, each system can be controlled separately, which can effectively improve the temperature uniformity .

5. Display accuracy: ± 1 ° C

ModelVolumeChamber size (W×L×H: mm)Max. 
Operating temperatureHeating elementTemp. 
STD-96-1096L400X600X4001000ºC900ºCResistance wire±1ºCAC380V
STD-96-1296L400X600X4001200ºC1100ºCResistance wire±1ºCAC380V

III. product features

1. The box is made of vacuum formed ceramic fiber, with novel assembly structure and energy saving of more than 50%.

2. The heating element adopts high temperature alloy wire, which can bear heavy load. It is stable and has a long service life

3. Fast heating speed, about 15-30 minutes from room temperature to 1000 ° C.

4. High precision with temperature compensation and correction function

5. Temperature control, accuracy of ± 1 º C5. The programmable function of the imported temperature controller can set the heating curve and program 2 groups of 16 sections.

6. Integrated structure and excellent appearance design can reduce the use space.

7. Electronic components adopt Delixi brand with leakage function. Safe and reliable

8. When the temperature exceeds the set temperature, an audible and visual alarm will be given and heating will be stopped.

9. The optional large screen paperless recorder can complete the real-time recording of heating curve. It can use memory card to analyze and print experimental data.

10. Optional air inlet can be installed to intake and protect inert gas, such as air. The exhaust stack connected with stainless steel bellows can be installed optionally to make the high temperature volatile harmful gas flow to the designated location.

11. For large capacity furnaces, the convenience of materials in and out is the key. We can design to open the doors at both ends of the furnace in the following ways to move them up or horizontally. We can also design multi-stage heating mode to improve the uniformity of furnace temperature. If the sintering process is different, we can design and meet all reasonable requirements of customers according to their requirements.

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