Bright Annealing Furnace For Stainless Steel


Main application and sturctural features

1.Using ammonia decomposition atmosphere as high reducibility protective atmosphere, without oxidation heating workpiece at high temperature, no oxidation and in the subsequent cooling, to achieve the effect of light treatment.
2. Suitable for powder metallurgy sintering, brazing, silver soldering of various precision parts, stainless steel brazing; bright annealing of copper alloy parts and magnetic materials.
3. Applicable to the light processing of martensitic stainless steel and austenitic stainless steel, such as stainless steel tableware, stainless steel cutlery, stainless steel precision products (watchcase, strap, etc.)
4. Suitable for stainless steel heat pipe black, blue treatment.
5. Using tropical as heating element, distribution in the upper and lower chamber of a stove or furnace, uniform heating, easy maintenance.

Main technical parameter

Rated power(KW)25

Rated temperature (℃):1150

Power supply380v/3p

Heating muffle(L×W×H)(mm)2500×130×60

Cooling section(L×W×H)(mm)5000×130×60

Total length(mm)9780

Conveyor belt width(mm)115

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