Aluminum Alloy Heat Treatment Furnace up to 1200c

Main features:

1. Furnace chamber material use vacuum formed Al2O3 ceramic fiber materials, no powder pull off under high temperature, small heat capacity, and energy saving more than 50%.

2. Heavy duty double layer structure. Lower teperature in outside case.

3. Microcomputer PID control module, enabling precise temperature control and constant temperature requirements

4. Temperature control with 2groups/16 segments programmable.

5. Built in over temperature alarm and protection allows for operation without attendant.


Maximum temperature1200ºC(for short time)
Working temperature 1150ºC (continuous)
Heating rate10-30ºC/minit will take 15-30minutes from room temperature to 1200ºC

Chamber size
Temperature control16 steps programmable and PID automatic control

AC 220V single Phase,50/60 Hz

Heating elementResistance wires
Furnace atmosphereNitrogen, Argon and other inert gases
AtmosphereHave an inlet and outlet which can feed into the gas

Standard accessories
high temperature glove1 pair, crucible tong 1pc, Al2O3 sample block 1pc,power line 1 pc
Warranty One year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings and heating elements are not covered by the warranty.)



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