Aluminium Alloy High Frequency Quenching Heat Treatment Furnace


Aluminium alloy high frequency quenching heat treatment furnace


1. Heat source on the workpiece surface, fast heating, high thermal efficiency 
2. As Artifacts are not whole heating, little deformation 
3. The workpiece heating time is short, surface oxidation decarburization quantity is little 
4. The surface hardness quality high, small notch sensitivity, impact toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance are greatly improved. Conducive to play the potential of materials, saves the material consumption, improve the service life of the parts
5. Equipment is compact, easy to use, good working conditions
6. Easy to mechanization and automation
7. Not only used in surface hardening can also be used in through the heat and chemical heat treatment, etc.


Technical specifications:
Work power: 3 phase 380V+/-10%, 50-60HZ
Input voltage: 320V-420V, can be changed, depend on your country's electric power
Input current: 6-90A
Input power:3-50KW(power adjusted stepless)
Oscillation frequency: 10-50 KHZ
Cooling water pressure: 0.2MPA
Size of geneartor: 665*400*730mm
Transformer: 660*490*430mm
Weight of generator, transformer: 47kgs, 62kgs
Water cooling protection point: Below 50 degree celsius


1. all kinds of hardware tools, hand tools. Such as pliers, wrenches, hammers, axes, screwdrivers, scissors (gardening shears) and so the quenching;
2. various automotive, motorcycle accessories. Such as the crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pins, sprockets, aluminum wheels, valves, rocker shaft, drive axle, a small shaft, fork, etc. quenching;
3. various power tools. Such as gears, axes;
4. the machine tool industry category. Such as the machine tool bed, Machine Tool, etc. quenching;
5. various hardware metal parts, machining parts. Such as axle and gear (sprocket), cam, chuck, fixture, etc. quenching;
6. the metal mold industries. Such as small die, die attachment, die quenching the hole, etc.

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